New Client - Intake and Assessment Protocols

All new clients of Gen Three Supervised Contact Services are required to individually undertake an intake and  assessment interview before any service can commence. In person or phone-based interviews can be scheduled at a day, time and location to suit. 

Information obtained and disclosed by each party during their intake and assessment interview is used to formulate a contact plan that honours court orders and best reflects the safety, security and practical requirements in relation to the care and wellbeing of all participants.

All information provided during the new client intake and assessment interview remains strictly confidential and is not shared with the other party or any outside agencies, unless legally obligated to do so. 

New client intake and assessment interviews will only be booked following receipt of Gen Three’s New Client Registration Fee and acceptance of the terms and conditions for the provision of our services.

To maintain our impartiality and independence, please note Gen Three SCS can not initiate contact with a party on behalf of another. In the event one of the parties does not make contact within a period of 7 days, Gen Three will advise the waiting party of this.